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Play Indoor Simulated Golf

Golfer in Golf SimulatorSimulated golf with graphics too real to believe. You are playing virtual reality golf without the weather restrictions, course backups, daylight issues and sometimes embarrassing performance anxiety.

To get a better idea of how our golf simulators work, Click Here to view video.

We use the best-in-the-industry "About Golf" golf simulators.  The PGA Tour Website states "There are simulators in golf, and then there is About Golf." Click Here to read their  review on the "About Golf" simulators.

Use your own clubs and balls....the simulator's revolutionary launch monitor system accurately delivers every key ball characteristic--including side spin and back spin, horizontal and vertical launch, and club strike vector.

Play World Famous Golf Courses

Pebble Beach Golf LinksPlay famous golf courses around the world including Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, Casa de Campo’s Teeth of the Dog and Bay Harbor.

Internet league play, friendly foursomes and on-course practice are all part of the simulated golf experience. 

For a complete list of simulated golf courses, Click Here to visit AG's Golf Simulator Website.

Practice on Simulated Driving Range

Driving Range Screen in Golf SimulatorThe simulated driving range allows you to perfect your swing and to calibrate your clubs by giving you total distance, distance in air, club head speed, ball speed, smash factor and other pertinent information regarding your swing.

For more information on this top-of-the-line golf simulator, Click Here to visit AG's Golf Simulator Website.

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